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Giving to Charities

We make it easy. You make it count.

Today, philanthropy is about more than making a one-time donation to charities each year. At Canada Gives, we believe it's about helping donors create a total charitable giving plan that will ultimately increase the impact on and value to the recipient charity. A Canada Gives donor advised Foundation account enables you to combine short and long-term funding support to make a real difference.

How is Granting different from Donating

Both grants and donations are gifts to charities. A donation to a registered Canadian charity generates a tax receipt for the donor. If a donor has set-up a foundation (or a Canada Gives Foundation account) the money that is donated into the foundation is eligible for a tax receipt, but the gifts disbursed out of the foundation to charities are termed 'grants' and are not eligible for any additional tax receipts to the donor.

What charities can you support with grants from a Canada Gives Foundation account

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has policies and guidelines for eligible recipients of charitable gifts/grants from a Canadian foundation or donor advised fund (DAF) account. The annual grants from your Canada Gives donor advised Foundation account must comply with these rules. Any funds disbursed from your Foundation account must be given to CRA designated "qualified donee", which includes over 85,000 Canadian charities, plus a few other types of organizations. Many not for profit organizations do not have a charitable registration number are not qualified donees.

Once you select the charities you wish to receive grants from your Foundation account, Canada Gives due diligence will ensure they are qualified donees before processing the grants.