Donor Advised Funds –Today’s way to make your legacy count for tomorrow

Cost-effective. Easy to Establish. Flexible.  Giving on your own terms.

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is today's fastest growing charitable giving instrument offered to committed philanthropist, their families and professional advisors. A Canada Gives DAF offers the same funding choices and executive privileges as a private foundation, but is a much more flexible and cost-effective alternative.

Donor Advised Funds enable the donor to create a charitable gifting plan that provides the opportunity to give now and get that tax savings now, but with the ability to disburse the funds to their designated charitable beneficiaries over time; ensuring a legacy of philanthropy long into the future that will make a bigger impact.

A DAF account also provides a donor with the freedom to fund charities with privacy, eliminating pressure from over-solicitation and the disclosure of detailed financial information required for a family foundation.

It does not preclude active engagement with charities and appropriate recognition, it simply shifts control over how your gift is managed and disbursed to you, the donor.

A Donor Advised Fund at Canada Gives is called a "Foundation account" and is easy to set up. You choose the name for your Foundation account, and can select the investment manager or advisor on the account. Once your Foundation account is set up, Canada Gives becomes your host administrator and will regularly report back to you. You and your family simply select the charities you wish to support every year.

Canada Gives will do the rest.
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