Making Donations & Growing your Foundation Account

Simplify & Consolidate.

If you’re ready to make a significant donation to a charity, setting up a donor advised Foundation account (DAF) at Canada Gives might be the best and easiest way for you to manage your giving. Once you set up a Canada Gives account you can make one donation or you can make a number of donations at any time and receive tax receipts for the year of each gift.

A Donor Advised Foundation account gives you control over how andwhen the funds are disbursed to charities.

You may want to give a significant amount to one charity over a period of years, or vary the recipient of your gifts from year to year. You may need time to think through what charitable endeavours to support.

With a Canada Gives Foundation account you can put money into your account and take your time, while taking advantage of the current year’s tax savings.

Whatever your philanthropic goals, the objective of a Canada Gives DAF account is to help you manage and grow your charitable donations to make the biggest impact on the charitable causes that matter to you, without the expense and time involved in operating a separately registered private foundation.